Dancing Rosie

My mother is literally the most embarrassing person on the planet.  And what makes it worse is that everyone thinks she’s hilarious and can’t comprehend why I don’t find her funny as well.

What they don’t know though is that although Rosie’s antics used to embarrass me when I was younger, the older I get the more I find myself doing the same things.

Every now and then after I have a shower, I sneak into the lounge room where my husband will be enjoying a movie. I whip my towel off and start dancing like I’m a back up dancer in a Bobby Brown music video, wobbly bits and all.


Safe to say he’s mortified and I don’t blame him, It’s a feeling I too could relate to.

Here are just a few of the moments I’ve managed to capture over the past year – yes, just one year – of Dancing Rosie.

  1. Saying goodbye at the Airport

Why? Because why not is Rosie’s motto. I won’t lie, this one was a little embarassing but more-so for my Dad in the background who says something along the lines of “stop being a bloody dickhead”.

2. Delayed flights

Night two at the airport in Bali. Dad and husband were sick, sister was marching around trying to get on a flight and I was pissed about missing work. Safe to say anger was festering so cue Rosie – dancing around the hideously long customs line making us, and the 100+ other Jestar passengers laugh.

3. Change room cheer-ups

I was super cranky on this day in Bangkok, tired of shopping and really miserable about the holiday ending. So in swooped Rosie with her trademark hip thrust and hand dance (I’ve tried to name this move, I really have. But I can’t for the life of me I can’t come up a name that suits her groove.)

4. Big W Boogie

Not sure what was worse, the dancing or the fact that my sister set off every single Christmas toy that could make noise. Luckily we were out of there before we could be identified.

5. High Tea Dancing.

The Mulia in Bali. Five star, very hoity-toity, perfect place to bust a move… obviously.

6. And finally –  BatDance

I unfortunately lost the video to this one however I still have the photographic proof of Dancing Rosie in a Batman mask. Once again you may ask… but why? Remember, this is Rosie we are talking about, so why not?


Being only a few months away from turning 30, it’s taken a good few years to finally realise that the reason I turn red and run away is probably not from embarrassment but more because I am slowly becoming my mum. There’s not too many degrees difference between her moves and what I bust out on the dance floor of my local Irish Pub.

I suppose at the end of the day I should be proud and consider myself lucky that I have a mum who is willing to take the piss out of herself just to make me laugh.  Thanks for always putting a smile on my face Mummy – you’re definitely one of a kind in a committed, mental person kind of way  xo

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