Awesome eats in Bali

What constitutes an awesome eat, you ask?

Well, one of the first things you need to know is that Bali isn’t that cheap anymore. One of the biggest expenses on my recent trip was definitely going out to eat. Knowing that I wanted to try all of these places made it a no-brainer for me, however just be aware that most popular restaurants in Bali are only slightly cheaper, if not the same price, as Australia.

So what do I look for in an awesome eat? I like a place that has good beer and cider on tap, something that isn’t your traditional restaurant and a good wi-fi connection (much to the annoyance of those dining with me.)

Strawberry Fields

This is our favourite hang at the moment and the only place we’ve visited daily for either eats or just coffee. With a name like Strawberry Fields, there has to be a certain standard of rad tunes played and luckily we weren’t disappointed. There’s a great mix of cool burgers, colourful salads and music-themed cocktails.

Being a few streets away from the main hub of Seminyak, come for lunch and stay for an afternoon of drinking cocktails and playing pool.

Recommendation:  One Eyed Willy cocktail




Corner House Bali

Right in the heart of Seminyak, Corner House is a wicked cool place known to have the best burgers in Indonesia. We went for breakfasts so didn’t get to experience the different menus but what we had was super fresh and all local produce.

It has that really hip “warehouse” vibe inside and would be a really cool place to go for an after-party.

Recommendation: Coffee and the ham and cheese toastie.





La Sicilia Bali

If you’re after a romantic dining experience then stop googling ’cause you’ve found it!  And for those who are as cool as I am and travel with your family, then you’ve found your place as well! Romantic couples – maybe ask for a seat away from the bogan Aussie family (us). This place is awesome! Authentic Italian right in the middle of Seminyak right down to the live jazz they play weekly. The top few levels burnt down in late 2016 but it didn’t effect our night in the slightest. It’ll be great to see it all once it’s rebuilt.

Recommendation: Espresso Martinis, so so many espresso martinis.





Like going to a super trendy cafe in Sydney, every time I’ve walked past Sisterfields it’s been full. It’s in a great location close to cool boutiques, so if you’re traveling with a husband or boyfriend then leave them at the villa so you can go shopping afterwards.

I won’t lie, I had the pulled pork roll and was really hesitant when it came out on a black bun, but these peeps know what they’re doing.

Recommendation: Pulled pork roll.




Livingstone Bakery

This place just popped out of nowhere as we were walking down the street. Once again, my mind is blown at how funky all of these amazing cafes are – definitely not something I was expecting to see on a busy street in Bali.

This is one of those places where you can tell that everyone working here has an amazing passion for what they do. From the coffee, to the fresh bread, to the beautiful little cakes that I had to force myself not to buy. This is one of my favourite Bali eats. So if you’re in the Seminyak area then do yourself a favour and stop by for breakfast.

Recommendation: Don’t be a twat like I was, eat all the cakes!





Ginger Moon

Full disclosure –  we only visited here for drinks, but what we saw looked amaze-balls. Definitely one of those places I’ll be coming back to next time. A modern take on Indonesian food, this is one of those places you need to go to when you feel like traditional eats. The people at the table next to us had ordered the most amazing spring rolls and I  haven’t stopped thinking about them since!

Recommendation: I can definitely vouch for their espresso martinis.





Honourable mention . . . Potato Head

I haven’t put this one on the official list, because regardless of what I say, you know you’ll go there. I really enjoyed dinner although I wish I went earlier and got a chair by the pool for the whole afternoon. You have to make a reservation for dinner and be prepared that you’ll be paying more than what you pay back home for meals.

Potato Head is a really beautiful spot right on the beach and is known for their cool DJ sets.  I will say is that I was slightly disappointed that we had to exit the restaurant through their gift shop. I thought this was a bit of a sell-out and not really what I wanted to see after such a good night.






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